Install Z-shell and Oh My Zsh on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

# install ZSH
sudo apt update && sudo apt install -y zsh

# Set ZSH as default shell
chsh -s $(which zsh)

# logout and log back in for the shell change to take effect..

# confirm shell has been changed
echo $SHELL # /usr/bin/zsh

# instll oh-my-zsh
sh -c "$(wget -O-"

As part of the installation, it'll ask you if you want to change your default shell to zsh. Say yes.

The ~/.bashrc is replaced with ~/.zshrc. And the default installation location is ~/.oh-my-zsh, this is where you install themes and plugins.


  • You can get a list of all active aliases by running alias
  • New aliases can be defined at the end of ~/.zshrc, although it's recommended that you add them inside your ZSH_CUSTOM folder.
  • You can creates an aliases.zsh file in the ZSH_CUSTOM folder
  • Files in the ZSH_CUSTOM folder are loaded by the init script, in alphabetical order

Since i already had a .bash_aliases file, i just copied the contents over

touch ~/.oh-my-zsh/aliases.zsh
cat ~/.bash_aliases >> ~/.oh-my-zsh/custom/aliases.zsh

source ~/.zshrc

You can then confirm your aliases are loaded with alias.

NOTE: You may have to go over your aliases file and change the double quotes to single quotes.. something about execution at run time or some such

Installing plugins

plugins=(git cp colored-man-pages colorize)

Installing themes

I have my own theme that i install on every system..

export ZSH_THEME="amnastic"



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