Setting up an Orange Pi+ 2 for web development

  • As of September 2020 (version 1.50) VS Code is available for ARMv7 and ARM64. Orange Pi+ 2 is ARMV7
  • On the latest Armbian (Focal) for OrangePi Plus2, snap is already installed since it is based on Ubuntu 20.04.
  • You can NOT use snap to install VS Code, it's available for amd64, but not armhf which OrangePi Plus2 is..
  • Node ``

VS Code

Download .deb file for ARM

Install with dpkg

sudo dpkg -i ~/Downloads/code_1.53.0-1612367698_armhf.deb

It is very slow though. 2GB RAM on Armbian is obviously way too low to be running VS Code. I installed it just because i could. You'll defintely notic the lag though. Geany is much faster, but Geany is not VS Code.

Setup OrangePi for VS Code Remote Development

You need to have configured:

  • a static IP for OrangePi
  • SSH on OrangePi
  • an SSH key (optional) for password-less connections. If no key, VS Code will just prompt you for password when you start a connection

I updated my .ssh/config file and added my OrangePi as a host.

# NAS - OrangePi Plus2
Host nas
  User aamnah
  Port 22
  IdentityFile ~/.ssh/panda

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