Postman is awesome because

The UI is overwhelming and cluttered at first but you get used to where everything after a few hours and it doesn't feel like the insides of an engine any more (i'm comparing it with the neatness of Insomnia)


Postman is awesome. Because:

  • documentation is effortless. it took care of everything automatically based on the requests i was saving in my collection.
  • collaboration is a breeze. i can publish my collections as templates for other people to use
  • other people, including more than a 1300 companies, have already created and shared their APIs on Postman. i can import an entire API collection published by someone else in two clicks.
  • everything syncs and stays up to date
  • all of this is free and cross-platform. I haven't upgraded the account yet.


It automatically syncs my changes and keeps generating a really neat documentation on the fly. I (and anyone on the team) can either make edits from within the Postman desktop app or from the Postman website.

Previously we'd been using Swagger for generating docs. But the Swagger UI sucks. And the lack of being able to set variables sucks. And it's generally hard to consume the API. And your team (specially frontend people) can not easily do any edits..


  • i can login to multiple accounts and switch between them
  • i can share my API collections and use other people's shared templates very easily.
  • i can very easily import an API published by a company in two clicks!

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