My Services

People tell me i'm pretty darn good at what i do. I love doing it. And i can do it for you!

Website Development

Want to start a website? Great idea! I can make that website for you and put it online so the world could see. This includes selecting core software based on features you require, selecting and tweaking a design, registering the domain name, uploading the website, and setting up email accounts.

Virtual Assistance

A virtual assistant (typically abbreviated to VA) is generally self-employed and provides professional administrative, technical, or creative assistance to clients remotely from a home office. My forte is providing technical assistance and webmastery.

Web Consultation

This is always the first step towards building and deploying your website. Without it, none of us would know what we're doing. Do you feel intimidated by all the 'techy stuff' involved? CMS, DNS, HTML, CSS, PHP, JQuery, AJAX, Webhosting, standard-compliant, browser compatibility, responsive design… Techno jargon is a lot to take in if you are new to all this, but it is no reason to sit on the sidelines. I would be happy to engage in a web consultation session to help you figure out the web world and answer your questions.

Ecommerce Solutions

From selecting the right ecommerce software to setting it all up, i can help you with. An ecommerce website requires more work and technical skills as compared to a blog as there are merchant account to signup with, payment gateway integrations to do, product catalogs to maintain and customers to handle. Then there is selecting the right design and maintaining the overall process. I have done it all, and I have done it for plenty of clients. I can do it for you!

Some of my Clients

I work with entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, small, medium and large business owners.

What they say..

Aamnah is a great person to work with as she is able to manage her own time and continuously contribute to the organization. She is creative and a thought leader in the internet industry. Amir Anzur
Aamnah was such a pleasure to work with. She is detailed, fast, organized, and gave daily updates (which I really liked)! She does the work of an entire IT department by herself while having fun doing it! Hire her NOW!!!Erica King
Thank you for the great job you did in setting up my website. I would be happy to recommend you to anyone who wanted to set up a website. Shirley Roeloffze
Most excellent work, Aamnah! Your bonus was well-earned. You exceeded my expectations, finished the task very swiftly, efficiently, to my fullest satisfaction and communicating with you has been a pleasure. Francis Naisho
Aamnah is one of the most helpful and dedicated people I’ve had a chance to come across recently. She is honest about what she wants and expects the other person to be the same. Once she takes up a task, she’ll complete it with full dedication but if her heart isn’t in to something she’ll alert someone before hand instead of dragging on the task in to oblivion. Areej Mehdi
Aamnah Akram did a fantastic job for us. Our highest recommendation. We will continue to work with her on an ongoing basis. Ms Akram is very knowledgeable in Wordpress and Domain Hosting. Her english is perfect, better than 80% of my fellow Americans. Despite the time difference Aamnah was easy to get in touch with. Our project included rebuilding our main web site and 6 smaller sites. She transfered the domains for us and loaded the sites to our new VPS hostgator account. I have a working knowledge of WordPress but could not have done this without her constant help. You will not find a more qualified, professional, and helpful contractor than Aamnah Akram. Scott Simons
Aamnah was wonderful! She was so knowledgeable and very helpful with my project. My project was completed in less than 24 hours from the time I posted the job. I would highly recommend her for any project. She was truly delightful to work with. Kayla Zeiters
Ammnah was a great help to my company and I highly recommend her! Stacy Taylor
Awesome work using a theme that was new to her. Will definitely hire again! James Steele © 2009 - 2016. All rights reserved.