Beta testing your React Native app

Making your app available for beta testers and distributing it to play stores


Fastlane takes screenshots as well. Works well with react native

# install fastlane on Ubuntu
sudo apt install -y ruby ruby-dev
sudo gem install fastlane -NV

Automated UI Testing

App Center, Play Connsole, Firebase Test Lab

App Center

  • Continuous integratiion
  • Testing
  • Analytics
  • Push Notifications
  • Live updates (Code Push)

App Center uses fastlane under the hood

App Center requires you to sign in to App Center (cerate an account or social login), and then download the .apk file and install it. I don't see this as much different from just sending people a link to the .apk file to download. At least direct downloads don't make you sign in. And it still gives you that security warning..

screenshot about security warning

And if i open the link (from the email) on my desktop, it tells me the app is not compatible with Linux. Duh.

screenshot app not compatible with linux

I prefer Firebase over this.

CodePush vs. RemoteConfig vs. Expo OTA

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