What i did

an almost daily log of the things i end up doing, What i learned and the progress i have made over time

July 1, 2020

  • Got the entire pipeline tested up till the point where i'm sending a built Android app bundle .aab to Firebase App Distribution
  • The pipeline at this point has these steps:
    • Publish to Expo
    • Export static files
    • Deploy to Netlify (self-host)
    • Build app bundle
    • Send to Firebase
  • Got familiar with using custom Docker containers inside the pipeline
  • Brought down the time to build from ~40 minutes (using Expo) to ~10 minutes (using turtle)

June 30, 2020

  • Learned and used YAML anchors
  • Block Scalars -> multiline strings
  • Used artifacts in a bitbucket pipeline
  • Setup a step that changes --release-channel based on Deployment variables
  • Deployment variables vs. Repository variables
  • Encoding and decoding a keystore as base64 for use in CI/CD

June 29, 2020

  • Seep dive into the Android app signing process
  • App signing key vs. Upload key

For the month of March, Arpil and May or so of 2020, read the working from home during COVID-19 post

May 19, 2020

Love Simon Allardice and his courses, the guy has a knack of explaining things in a simple and understandable way

May 18, 2020

May 17, 2020

May 16, 2020 (Sat)

  • Spent the most part of the day looking into an Opencart website and transferring it's setup as well as upgrading the server it was on
  • Made notes on C#, wrote a couple of blog posts
  • Added Google Analytics and RSS feed to the Gatsby site

May 15, 2020

  • Spent a lot of time looking into Zendesk API and handling customer support for work
  • Implemented incremental Netlify builds for the Gatsby site

May 14, 2020

  • revised the C# course modules on C# Fundamentals
  • pushed major updates to the Gatsby blog including generating pages for MDX posts based on filenames instead of path in frontmatter. Also merged the content into one folder. So it's content for all of them with a folder called personal inside. Previously it used to be a folder called notes for non-personal dev notes and a folder called blog for personal blog posts. Having multiple folders made it difficult when building templates as i always had to apply filters on queries..
  • Work included looking into SignalR connectivity issues and stuff like wildcard SSLs and custom domain names for Azure services
  • practiced uke

May 13, 2020

  • Felt enlightened after finding out that sending messages to a Slack channel is as easy as posting data to a webhook using something as basic as a curl command. This opens up so many possibilities for scripting notifications.. I started looking into it because i wanted to send monitoring alerts for a linux server if it was running high on CPU/RAM..
  • Looked into a variety of system monitoring tools. The ones that i particularly liked were htop, sar, Munin and Monit
  • worked out
  • practiced uke

13 Jul 2018 Fri

  • TLDR Dev Notes
    • Fixed some styles for the Hugo based sites (used CSS grid)
    • Deployed the Hugo based site to Netlify
  • JS Labs
    • Generated and uploaded the favicon and touch icons generator
  • Desi On Keto
    • Generated and uploaded the favicon and touch icons

12 Jul 2018 Thurs

  • JavaScript Coding challenges (average scores and winner, grade calculator, BMI calculator)
  • JS Labs
    • Registered and put up a website for jslabs.pk
    • Designed the logo
  • Drumkit in pure vanilla JS

12 Nov 2017 Sun

11 Nov 2017 Sat

22 March 2017 Wed
21 March 2017 Tues
20 March 2017 Mon
19 March 2017 Sun
17 March 2017 Fri
16 March 2017 Thurs
15 March 2017 Wed
26 Dec 2016 Mon
  • Nodeschool.io functional-javascript-workshop (passed till 6)
  • .every()
  • .reduce()
  • Recursion
25 Dec 2016 Sun
  • Async/await functions
  • .forEach()
  • .map()
  • .reduce()
  • .concat()
  • .filter()
15 Dec 2016 Thurs
14 Dec 2016 Wed
13 Dec 2016 Tues
  • Twitch app project: Refactored the actions and reducers
  • Twitch app project: defined my state shape
12 Dec 2016 Mon
11 Dec 2016 Sun
10 Dec 2016 Sat
9 Dec 2016 Fri
  • made a redux app with API, got stuck with React integration (mapping)
  • made a react-redux app with API again, got stuck with reducers (parts of state not updating)
  • cursed profusely
8 Dec 2016 Thurs
  • back to the very basics, did the completely React-less Redux counter form Dan's Redux basics course
  • Dan's redux basics course
  • Looked into async actions in redux, updating store with fetched data
7 Dec 2016 Wed
  • wrapped my head around middleware
  • wrapped my head around redux fundamentals (actions, reducers, enhancers, selectors)
  • Docs: Thinking in React
  • spent hours reading Redux and React docs
  • created the example redux todo app
3 Dec 2016 Sat
  • Higher-order functions (2 hrs)
28 Nov 2016 Mon
27 Nov 2016 Sun
  • SASS loader for Webpack
  • Standard JS Style
  • Standard JS Style loader for Webpack
  • Arrow function syntax
  • Local storage API
25 Nov 2016 Fri
  • finished the Random Quotes project
    • added a tweet button using Web intent (Twitter docs)
    • generate new quote with button click (enclosed the reqwest stuff in fetchQuote() and called it from another function called handleClick())
  • this
  • bind
24 Nov 2016 Thurs
  • got data in and presented it in React
23 Nov 2016 Wed
22 Nov 2016 Tues
  • React JS Fundamentals: Pure Functions, props, and nesting React components in React
  • Created a react project that has nested components, pushed to Gitlab
  • PropTypes
21 Nov 2016 Mon
  • FCC: Intermediate JS Algo - Roman Numeral Converter
  • FCC: Intermediate JS Algo - Steamroller
  • FCC: Intermediate JS Algo - Everything be true
  • React JS Fundamentals: Intro to JS Ecosystem
  • React JS Fundamentals: NPM
  • React JS Fundamentals: Webpack for React
  • React JS Fundamentals: First React Component
  • React JS Fundamentals: Babel, Webpack and React
  • React JS Fundamentals: Nested Components and Props in React
  • React JS Fundamentals: Building UIs with Pure Functions and Function Composition in React
  • Pure Functions
20 Nov 2016 Sun
  • FCC: Basic JS Algo - Caesar's Cipher
  • FCC: Intermediate JS Algo - Arguments Optional
  • FCC: Intermediate JS Algo - Diff Two Arrays
  • FCC: Intermediate JS Algo - Missing Letters
  • FCC: Intermediate JS Algo - Boo Who
  • FCC: Intermediate JS Algo - Finders Keepers
  • FCC: Intermediate JS Algo - Binary Agents
19 Nov 2016 Sat
  • Treehouse: Exploring JavaScript Conditionals (Switch statements, ternary operator, Short circuit evaluation)
  • Treehouse: Introduction to Babel (transpiler)
  • Treehouse: JavaScript Loops, Arrays and Objects
  • Treehouse: React intro (JS library to build UI)
  • Google: 'wtf is react and why do i need it'
  • Google: JS Composition

Please note that this site and the posts on it are, and will always be, a work in progress. If i waited for perfection, i’d never get anything done.