Logitech G512 Carbon vs. GMMK TKL

Logitech G512 Carbon (Romer-G Linear)

  • Linear is definitely not my thing. Unintended presses even after one year of use
  • Got keyboard chattering after less than 6 months of use. It does go away if i stop using the keyboard and leave it around for 8-24 hours.. It still is a huge nuisance though. I'm a programmer, i can't afford the Enter key not working or leaving it aside for 12 or so hours so that it starts behaving again.
  • Can't customize the switches or keycaps at all after the purchase. Both the switch and the keycaps are non-standard
  • The market for custom Romer-G keycaps is pretty much non-existent

Switched to GMMK because of the keyboard chatter (keys not registering) and the typos

TODO: add picture of the keyboards

Glorious GMMK TKL (Gateron Brown)

  • Browns are just as fast with less typos
  • I can now rest my fingers on the keys without accidentally triggering them. (No more zooming in and out when browsing because i accidentally pressed Ctrl.. )
  • Lights are brighter than G512 Carbon because of the light bleed under the keys
  • Takes up less space because TKL (TenKeyLess, i.e. no numpad)
  • The champered silver accent around the keyboard is nice
  • Fully modular keys, can hot-swap switches, no soldering required
  • Cross-comaptible switches. Can use pretty much any switch from Gateron, Cherry or Kailh
  • Keycaps galore. The custom keycaps market is huge for standard stem switches as compared to romer-g switches
  • Keyboard chattering apparently can happen in all mechanical keyboards. If it happens in this one, i'll just replace the entire switch and it'll take me less than a minute and cost me less than Rs. 100.

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