Conditional formatting in Google Sheets


  • The conditional formatting rules are processed in order. You can adjust the order of the rules by dragging the three dots that appear when you hover over the rule
  • You can negate a statement with NOT(). For example NOT(ISBLANK()) will look up non-empty values
  • You can check for multiple conditions with AND(value1, value2, value3)

Highlight prices that are lower than reference price

=(AND(NOT(ISBLANK(D3)), D3<$C3))
  • Highlights all cells that have price lower than the official price column.
  • Only highlights non-empty cells

C3 vs $C3


$C3 will keep the column constant. otherwise it kept comparing later columns with the immediately next neighbour instead of column C. (comparing E with D, F with E, G with F and so on instead of comparing them all to C)

  • $C$3 - keep row and column constant, i.e. this particular cell only, don't adjust this
  • C$3 - keep row constant
  • $C3 - keep column constant

Highlight the lowest value in row

  • Navigate to conditional formatting. Set the conditional formatting range to include all the values you are checking

  • In the custom formula field, enter =A1=MIN($A1:$N1). Substitute A1 for the first cell in the first row you are checking, and N1 with the last cell in the first row you are checking.

screenshot of conditional formatting rules in action


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