Schema definition in GraphQL (example)

  • SDL is Schema Definition Language
  • ! means it's a required field
  • [] means it's a list (like an array)
  • ID is automatically generated
  • There are three root types: query, mutation and subscription
    • query lets you read data (the R of CRUD)
    • mutation lets you create, update and delete data (the C, U, and D of CRUD)
    • subscription lets you subscribe to realtime updates and keep receiving data whenever an event occurs (e.g. a mutation)
# a type called Person for creating user objects
type Person {
  id: ID!
  name: String!
  age: Int!
  posts: [Post!]!

type Post {
  title: String!
  author: Person!

# Query type to retrieve a list of Person
type Query {
  allPersons(last: Int): [Person!]! # return a list of all users, can accept a `last` parameter to only show last X no. of Persons created
  allPosts(last: Int): [Post!]!

# Mutation type to create/update/delete a Person
type Mutation {
  createPerson(name: String!, age: Int!): Person! # return a single person object, created by this mutation
  updatePerson(id: ID!, name: String!, age: Int): Person!
  deletePerson(id: ID!): Person! # delete the Person having the provided `id`
  # add CUD for posts here..

# Subscription type to subscribe to the events of Person being created/updated/deleted
type Subscription {
  newPerson: Person!
  updatedPerson: Person!
  deletedPerson: Person!
  # add events for post here..
  allPersons {

mutation {
  createPerson(name: "Henry", age: 32) {

subscription {
  newPerson {


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