Handling permissions in Expo

expo install expo-permissions
  • You can check if a permission is granted with Permissions.getAsync(...permissionTypes) and ask for a permission with Permissions.askAsync(...types)
  • Both return a Promise with has status and expires as well as details about scope
  • The status is usually granted or denied. It could also be undetermined in case of Permissions.NOTIFICATIONS for iOS, as iOS does not disambiguate undetermined from denied
  • Make sure you're basing your logic on granted and !granted to account for cases like undetermined that only happen on iOS and only for some permissions
  • on iOS remote notifications only show if allowsSound, allowsAlert or allowsBadge is set.
  • There are about a dozen permission types

    • CAMERA
    • MOTION
async function alertIfRemoteNotificationsDisabledAsync() {
  const { status } = await Permissions.getAsync(Permissions.NOTIFICATIONS)
  if (status !== 'granted') {
    alert('Hey! You might want to enable notifications for my app, they are good.')
async function checkMultiPermissions() {
  const { status, expires, permissions } = await Permissions.getAsync(Permissions.CALENDAR, Permissions.CONTACTS)
  if (status !== 'granted') {
    alert('Hey! You heve not enabled selected permissions')

Here's an example asking for permissions for push notifications..

const askPermissions = async () => {
  // See if app already has permission
  const { status: existingStatus } = await Permissions.getAsync(Permissions.NOTIFICATIONS)
  let finalStatus = existingStatus

  // No existing permisson, ask for it
  if (existingStatus !== 'granted') {
    const { status } = await Permissions.askAsync(Permissions.NOTIFICATIONS)
    finalStatus = status

  // Permission denied
  if (finalStatus !== 'granted') {
    return false

  return true


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