Notes on Bitbucket Pipelines

Container Build exceeded memory limit.

This can happen for large steps, in my case building an app bundle with turtle-cli. You can double the memory allocation for a step with size: 2x

Regular steps have 4096 MB of memory in total, large build steps (which you can define using size: 2x) have 8192 MB in total.

ref, ref

- step: &turtle-build-android
    name: Build app bundle (.aab)
    image: ubuntu:focal
    size: 2x # Double resources available for this step.
      - npm
      - echo 'this is my step with 2x memory'

Get the commit message for the commit that triggered the pipeline

    - step:
          - COMMIT_MESSAGE=`git log --format=%B -n 1 $BITBUCKET_COMMIT`
          - echo $COMMIT_MESSAGE


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