Writing a script to open all the aplications needed

I'm working on a React Native project these days that requires me to run 5 or so commands and open 3 or so apps every time i want to start working on the project

  • Go to the project directory
  • Open the project in VS Code
  • Run the React Native project
  • Start the emulator and load the project
  • Start React Native Debugger
  • Monitor abd logs
  • Have a terminal ready for Git stuff (i prefer not using the one in VS Code because i want more real state for my code and don't want to have to keep resizing/hiding the panes)

For now i have an alias to run all the commands including the logs. In the future i plan on moving all this to a tmux session with split panes.

Getting the prompt back

Some applications when you run them get tied to the controlling terminal. For example, i have run React Native Debugger, and i no longer need the terminal to stay open as all i needed was to run the app. But the Terminal will stay open and keep control of the prompt. If you close the terminal, it'll close the app.

Solution is saimple: you can & disown it and get the prompt back.

Finding the commands/names for the applications

For example, how do i open React Native Debugger from the terminal? What's the command name?

  • Go to /usr/share/applications (Ctrl+L in Files)
  • The command to run to open an application is usually the filename minus the .desktop part


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